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{"model"=>"Transformer Trail", "range"=>"28-38t", "mount"=>"ISCG-05", "color"=>"black", "weight"=>"110g"}
model : Transformer Trail
range : 28-38t
mount : ISCG-05
color : black
weight : 110g
sku: RV5840 | 09202
ean: 4717480166503

Reverse Transformer Trail Chain Guide

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  • Convertible 6061 aluminum chain guide with lower (taco) bash guard
  • Upper guide provides full chain enclosure for no chain drop on 1x drivetrains
  • Upper can be used with or without the lower part of the guide
  • Taco mount options: high position 28 - 34T, low position 36 to 38T


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